Sustainability is creating value for the community and Argos



Based on the realization that we are jointly responsible for people and the environment; Argos attaches great value to sustainable development. All Argos companies strive for a healthy balance between the commercial purpose of the company, and the impact on the environment in its social and environmental context.

Environmental management
We believe we are all responsible for making our contribution to protect our environment. Our environmental management system enables us to control environmental pollution. Argos aims to reduce its ecological footprint, and to produce sustainable cement and concrete mixes.

Health and safety
Argos firmly believes that in terms of health and safety, the only number acceptable is zero. Our goal is to aim for zero injuries, and occupational disease within our workforce.

Community involvement
Argos Suriname is aware of its role and responsibility as the main supplier of cement and concrete within the Surinamese community. In our pursuit of corporate social responsibility, we support selected activities by and for the Surinamese community through sponsorship.


Community projects

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